Velo South Cycling Event – 23rd September

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On the morning of Sunday September 23, 2018, the world famous Goodwood Motor Circuit will welcome 15,000 cyclists onto its hallowed tarmac for the start of the first ever Vélo South – a major new 100 mile closed road sportive for the UK.

Riders will travel through the magnificent Goodwood Estate and into the beautiful West Sussex countryside, passing quaint hamlets and villages filled with cheering spectators. 

The Fox and Hounds will be open for bar snacks and light meals with full carpark access, join us in supporting and spectating the 15,000 cyclists taking part in Velo South.

2 Responses to “Velo South Cycling Event – 23rd September”

  1. Rosie says:

    I think that you are confusing many people by saying that you are open on 23rd September during the day, when the road is closed, and you are you are obviously against this event by calling it ‘Veto South!’: – (as opposed to its correct title Velo South)

    If you are totally against it, then you sholdn’t be enticing people to come along when they obviously will not be able to get into your car park due to the road closure, and you should make it totally clear – as do many many others – that it will affect your business that day.

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    • Kate Pinder says:

      Dear Rosie,

      Thank you very much for your comment. We have now corrected the name of event. We will be open as we want to give service to all the local people and if you have seen most recent plans on the roads, our car park will be accesible from the Hambrook side. We will have marshals letting people pass and come back same way to the our car park.

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